The role of a good wedding planner is the ability work within budgeting and time restraints to create a practical and realistic preparation timetable for a couple’s wedding.

Like hiring a tour guide on an overseas trip, hiring the services of a wedding planner is also hiring the expertise and insider know-how of the wedding industry. When you hire this person to act on your behalf and advise you on various wedding features, they will be able to offer insight into the best of the business, who gives the best service and what you can do to get the most for your money.

Your professional wedding co-ordinator is experienced in seeing the greater picture, realising your dreams, then smoothly bringing together all of the many components. Your wedding co-ordinator will become your partner while providing the personal touch throughout the planning, at the rehearsal, the ceremony and the reception, making sure everything goes just as planned with clever budgeting.

Early wedding co-ordination is essential to reaching the goals and aspirations of the engaged couple. Planning should begin 9 to 12 months in advance to achieve this. To those whom live very busy lives, time passes extremely quickly and as the wedding date approaches, less and less time is available for wedding preparations with the risk of running out of time or even worse, forgetting something crucial to the success of the wedding. On the day, a bride and her family should be able to enjoy the occasion, leaving the details and hassles to the consultant.

Save money: Our industry contacts, negotiating clout and experience means that you’ll always get the best prices.

Reduce stress: Shouldering responsibility for all the organization to help you avoid sleepless nights by getting advice from a wedding expert.

Save time: Don’t waste hours trying to find reliable suppliers. We present personalised matches and allow you to make the final selection.

Special Access: We work with a wide range of wedding vendors allowing you access to the ‘best of the best’. We also work with industry professionals who are excellent in their field but not necessarily the most expensive.